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RWI is dedicated to providing industry-leading restraints and customized trailers for your company. We have a variety of trailers, high pressure stabilization systems, and safety services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer our products and services to any field location, nationwide. RWI is committed to providing our clients with the best customer service, focused on safety, and committed to quality.

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High Pressure Stabilization Systems

The High Pressure Stabilization System is designed to assist with damage control for line failures during high pressure pumping. All it takes is one instance where a line blows, not utilizing the HPS System, for a company to realize the costly and life threatening effects. Companies have a duty to provide the safest work environment possible to protect their employees and assets, and the HPS System is a vital part of creating a safe work site during drilling and well service applications. HPS System configurations can be customized to fit any operation. We suggest HPS Systems be utilized during all high pressure pumping operations, and it is particularly important for HPS Systems to be used during slick water, nitrogen and energized fluid pumping operations. The High Pressure Stabilization System adds peace of mind . . .